Overshadowed by Celebrity Brand Lipstick

As a woman, lipstick is another a way to express our personalities, inner feelings, and true beauty. However, most of us are blinded by the celebrity brands and famous names to notice true quality lipstick. For example, Kylie Cosmetics showcases different liquid lipsticks for its customers. Most of us see the famous name “Kylie Jenner” and assume the product will make our lips like hers. However, faveable.com reviewed her lipstick and labeled it for overly drying on lips. Kylie was mainly awarded for her variety of liquid colors. In fact, I had a bad personal experience where the lipstick left my lips with a chapped appearance after being applied. The product is promoted to all women but presented on the website for only one skin tone since the product is modeled on Kylie herself. The product was even described to be too watery and not a perfect shade when it comes to applying color to lips. Some customers have commented that the product is not long lasting and may need a few tweaks throughout the day.

Harmony (Kylie Jenner) Velvet Liquid Lipstick and Liner $27

In the shadow of Kylie is Mac Lipstick which showcases pigment lipsticks to its consumers. The product compared to Kylie cosmetics creates a lipstick that women are proud to wear and stands out. Even faveable.com, reviewed the lipstick as a long lasting pigment with the only complaint being that there was a variety of versions. The product is available in a satin, frost, glaze and matte. Consumers have commented that the product shows the true color when applied to lips of all different skin tones. In fact, the website presents women of different skin tones using the product. Some even comment that the product could last through multiple touches of a napkin.

Ruby Woo (Mac) Retro Matte lipstick $18.50

In the end, as women we need to look more for products that express our inner beauty and are naturally perfect for our lips. We should look less at the brand name and more at the quality. Being an African American women, I would rather have a product that fits all skin tones so I can stand out in the world. I hope this brings light to lipsticks that are overshadowed and causes you to go out and purchase quality makeup products.

Reviewing fashion blog “Extra Petite”

Imagine your in a mall, looking for a new outfit that expresses your personality but stays to your true style. But you can’t find anything that fits your body shape. Well, your not alone, I am also part of that category by being a petite. As a result, clothes sometimes need to be shrinked or bought extra small to fit me correctly. In fact, I once bought the mannequin’s clothing since it was the smallest size in the store at the time. There isn’t many stores that offer petite sizes unless you buy online.

Earlier today, I was checking out different fashion blogs to upscale my normal weekend look. I came across Jean’s blog “Extra Petite” a woman who is also petite and actually wears a size four. She describes her experiences as a petite woman and inspires her viewers to take a chance at different outfits. Her sites includes fashion looks for all seasons and even special occasions. One of her posts that connected with me was “Olive, Black + Stripes” since the palette can be found in any of the four seasons. The first picture shows her pulling off a striped shirt, black jeans, pumps and a olive jacket to finish off the look. Next, she shows the same outfit with sneakers as the shoe choice instead to express to her viewers that outfits can be either simple or dressy based on accessories.

As a women, accessories is something that forms a look since we can change the path of the look by adding a simple necklace or a dressy bracelet. Another connection was price, all women want to feel upscale without breaking the bank. I am one of those customers who try to inspire by own Gucci or Coach look without using their retail locations. Most of my looks are created through pieces from forever 21 or Lord and Taylor. Likewise, she found her entire look from Banana Republic while they were having a 40% off sale. I recommend that all women who deal with the same petite problems should check out her website https://www.extrapetite.com for more tips and ideas on how to make petite fashionable.

Dying hair can improve your social life?

As a woman, hair makes up a part of our personality, it can be changed in multiple ways. Most changes deal with style, color and maybe even a little cut sometimes. Over the years, hair has become a way of self expression and assigned terms that link to different meanings. For example, people who dye their hair dark colors are considered to be “gothic”. As a result, there labeled as people who are dark and have self-pity. However, scientists have discovered that changing the color of your hair can’t only boost the confidence of a person but change the social terms they are given. I decided to test their theory by interviewing two Rider University students who dye their hair often. 

Audrey with purple hair

First, I met with Audrey a biology major who dyed her hair in a sign of rebellion against her mother who never allowed her to do anything permanent. In recent years, she has tried pink, blonde, and different shades of purple. However, she hopes to try different shades of blue in the future. When discussing the effects of her hair, Audrey stated “ that it makes her feel like a badass”. As a freshman, dying her hair helped her make friends easier since people on campus were intrigued to talk to her. She mentioned that she still gets strange looks when she returns home over her break and weekends. When asking for tips Audrey quoted “ to always wear gloves to protect your hands from the dye” since she had pink hands at her dance performance due to not using gloves when dying the day before.

Hailey with aqua colored hair

Next, I interviewed a first year public relations major student named Hailey who had the complete opposite reasons on why she dyes her hair. Growing up her mother always dyed her hair which led her to start changing up her style around age 11. She has also tried shades of pink, purple, natural colors, red and green. She wants to try shades of yellow and orange in the near future. When discussing the reactions from a college campus setting, Hailey described herself as “a confident woman who doesn’t care what others say”. One of her tips is to buy high quality shampoo and hair dye. However, her advice is that if it messes up wear it as if you purposely did it. 

To summarize, hair is a way of self expression for women of 2019. You don’t have to go wild and change your hair bright yellow but a lighter or darker shade of your natural color goes a long way. Many women feel confidence when their proud of their self expression and enjoy being identifiable on campus. In my opinion, change is needed to self express in the world. After interviewing these ladies, I feel like I need to change it up from time to time. Maybe I’ll even dye my hair once in a while!

What The Heck is Everyday Women?

Everyday Women is a blog that captures women of the American society. The blog will share stories from individuals who have inspired or accomplished something. The title “Everyday Women” was used to define women who play role models in our community every day. Most of the posts will include students of the Rider University who have been inspired or inspired someone else. Also, the blog will capture role models in my life who are present in our everyday lives, but we might not notice. I will also share my personal accomplishments with all of you. Another major part of my blog is beauty and fashion. In fact, stories, tips and photos relating to beauty will be shared. I believe that women are never rewarded for the accomplishments or given any gratitude unless they’re a celebrity or a historic figure. In the end, I would like my blog to help change the look of women and add role models for the younger generation.

About Me

Have you ever seen everyday women get rewarded for their good deeds, becoming role models, or spreading fashion trends? Well I, Ashlee Hunter have decided to bring you all this updating news on the women of today. As a child, I grew up learning the ins and outs of women in our world but I didn’t have role models to look up to in this world who weren’t celebrities. As a woman, we live in a universe were we don’t always get praised for our accomplishments and trends that we start. But let me tell you a little about me, I like fashion, stories, beauty, inspiring others and giving back to the community. In fact, I am a lifetime member of girl scouts and have been involved in many projects that helped women of our country. My family and pet are very important to me. I am a freshman at Rider University and should be saving money, however most goes to shopping for the latest trends.